I randomly decided to pull out an old sketchbook because I wanted to use any of the left over paper to practice some calligraphy but as I started to flip through the pages I found an old poem I wrote for my poetry class my senior year of high school. I read it and I think it’s really good so I thought I’d type it up to share it with whomever. It is untitled but anyways here it is:

Crumbling like a piece of chalk under a sledgehammer,

Depression presses its weight upon me,

More baggage to carry upon my back,

Feeling like any moment I might crack,

The weight is simply too much to bear.

The day blurs together with the night,

And time seems to endlessly drag on.

Without the energy or will to do anything,

My bed becomes my oasis.

My thoughts pester me constantly through the day,

And haunt me all throughout the night.

The thinking will never stop and it drives me insane,

All because I know that thinking too much

Is what put me in this situation to begin with.

What once was an oasis is now a bear trap.

The spring triggered, the jaws snapped shut,

What once gave me serenity now causes me agony.

Depression is a vacuum, there is no easy escape.

But there is an escape.

A bright shining star amidst the darkness,

It is right in front of my face but

Just barely out of my reach.

Escaping depression is no easy feat,

It requires patience, love, time, and hope,

But it is not impossible.

This I know for a fact.

I really like this poem and I think I wrote it really well but I also feel kinda like shit when I read it because it’s so hopeful and positive and I’m so depressed most of the time now it just makes me wonder where all that hope and positivity went. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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