I’m just too tired

Seems like I just can’t get enough sleep lately. When I wake up in the morning I’m so groggy it feels like I took my sleep medicine but I haven’t taken any of that for weeks. I’ve also been eating entirely too much food these past couple weeks…. stupid depression either gives me insatiable hunger or no appetite at all. And ooooh buddy has this particular bout of depression been shit-tastic. Let me tell you it is really freaking hard to get anything done when you’re constantly thinking about the futility of life and how pointless everything is. Normally without this shitty depression i have no difficulties with self-motivation, but right now i can barely get anything started and nothing seems to be getting finished either. I don’t even know what I’ve been doing lately, just sitting around I guess? Throwing a pity party for myself or something, I don’t even know, the days just blend together and I’d rather sleep my life away than try to accomplish stuff.

Bah I’m gonna come back to this later, I need to actually get stuff done right now.

Edit: and then nothing got done that day, I never added anything onto this and I didn’t even publish it until today. I’m really bad about saying I need to get things done and then never doing any of them.


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