First blog post

Yes hello, hi it is me Caitlyn or Caden. I am the person that will be posting various ramblings here as well as the occasional drawing with explanation of my feelings/meanings behind it. Honestly this is more for me so I’m not really looking to get a bunch of watchers or followers or whatever they are on this website. I’m mostly just looking for a place where I can spout what I’m thinking or feeling and if people are interested then cool and if not then also cool. Think of this as an open journal or diary, my personal thoughts will be going in here but I don’t mind if you see it open and decide to flip through a few pages. It’ll give some people a chance to see what goes on in my life/my head but keep in mind the latter tends to be very dark so try to take it in stride I suppose. That’s all I really have right now, so here’s some generic information on who I am behind this screen here.

Name: Caitlyn, I also go by Caden, MyMageOfDoom, Doom, or OrangeyPeels

Birthday: Feb. 28th 1996, I’ll be turning 21 next year if you don’t wanna do the math

Gender: Neutral

Preferred Pronouns: She/her or They/them just try to avoid calling me a girl/lady/woman it really ticks me off

Sexuality: Pansexual, I’m also a single Pringle but never ready to mingle

Hobbies: Drawing, more drawing, sleeping, shoving food in my face, dropping food on myself, playing with my gerbil, making things for my gerbil, avoiding people, working too much, watching YouTube videos, and playing various video games

Favorite food: it’s a tie right now between various pastas and anything chocolate

Night Owl or Early Bird? Sleep, I’m a sleep person.

Work: I’m a cashier at a grocery store, it’s similar to hell, I also house sit for my parents’ coworkers (Working too much trying to pay off hospital bills smh)

I dunno I’m out of fuel now, feel free to throw questions at me and I may answer them? I’m tired, I’m always tired….


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